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The last mobility was supposed to be held in Spain in May 2020, but because of Covid.19, it was forced to be finally held virtually in December 2020. The open activities programmed in the project were impossible to be carried out, the "Project Week" activity had to be adapted. During a whole week, up to 47 participants from all partner countries took part in a series of virtual meetings and activities online aimed  at sharing and exchanging their experiences in the last activities of the project, and gather all the knowledge and skills acquired during the whole project. They compiled the activities they had taken part in in "The Gifts Of Nature Book" collaborative activity. Students also prepared commercials for the "Branding Nature" and presented them to each other in a Commercial contest held online. Finally students shared their experiences in the project and identified everything they have learnt along with it in a series of collaborative short videos named "What We've learnt so Far"

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