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Dissemination of Slovakia

We were very pleased when in October 2018 we became part of the Erasmus project called Gifts of Nature, since then we´ve kept update about our mobilities, activities we have done together with our partners, we have informed all school pupils from grade 1 to 9 grade, our teachers, parents of our pupils, and also the general public in our city through our school website, in the section dedicated to Erasmus, there you can read everything important, see our photos and videos.


Social network - FB

If you are a fan of social networks and want to join our friends and followers, you can do so on our Facebook page, where we sent our photo experiences of mobility exchanges between our countries every day.


Mobility in May 2019 - Slovakia

In May 2019 we had the honor to welcome our Erasmus partners in our country in our beautiful city of Trenčín, it was an amazing experience for all of us. Our partners arrived at the time of the celebrations of all children around the world and so during the celebration we could present our project The Gifts of Nature to all our students, their parents, but also to all people from our city. Our partners presented their country, especially - traditional wisdome – one of our project activities by dancing, singing.To present our project our partners were invited to debate with the mayor of Trenčín.


mobility May - photos and videos


In June 2020 our project - Gifts of Nature won the prize - Children personality of town Trenčin - our project belongs to the best ones

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