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The third short exchange of students took place in Croatia in November 2019. The participants who took part in this third mobility were students and teachers who had been involved in activities like "Nature Cleans" and "News about the Nature". In this mobility students visited a local TV station, attended lectures by professional journalists and learned how the world of media works. This helped them as research and preparation for the activity "News about the Nature". They also took part in workshops  and lectures on nature and how to create natural products for different purposes, like cleaning, nourishing and healing. They learnt to create their own products and shared their own experiences in creating other ones in and for the activities "Nature Cleans", "Nature Nourishes" and "Nature Heals". They also prepared posters and presentations on the learned experiences, took part in contests and tasting of natural products and visited farms and factories that work with environmentally friendly ethics.  During this activity they also collaboratively made a short video in the form of the TV show (news, host, interviews...) containing important news of the each day to be published on projects web page and other project platforms.






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