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The Activities A1-A20

  • Gifts of Nature has developed over a series of monthly activities aimed at the attainment of the objectives and results of the whole project. 

    A1. HI, PARTNERS! (Sept 18)
    We made presentations about each partner school / city / country and shared them with all partners
    We also presented the project, goals and partners in our schools and local communities and started the project dissemination platforms (webpage, twinspace, facebook page) as well as the initial surveys for students, parents and teachers
    Each school proposed 1-3 ideas for a logo and slogan and the best ones were voted the logo and slogan of the project
    A3. AS GOOD AS FRESH (Nov 18)
    Students prepared presentations and videos of how fruits and vegetables are preserved in our countries to be used in winter time (dried fruit, pickles, sour paper...), with detailed recipes 
    Decorating Christmas tree (for partners who don't celebrate Christmas – school halls or something of their choice) with natural decorations (apples, oranges, popcorn chains...). We made pictures with various seeds, sand, small stones... other materials that can be found in nature)
    Students of each partner school made and shared calendars of seasonal dishes from each country (pictures and recipes) 
    Students presented top 10 fruits, vegetables and spices from our regions using the criteria of nutritious value;
    Surveys about students' favorite vegetables and fruits were also carried out.
    We researched traditional culture (proverbs, customs, songs...) involving nature and showing the properties traditional culture gives to certain trees, fruits, vegetables, flowers... We also made poster with research results
    A8. DRINKING NATURE (Apr 19)
    Students made tea blends and juices, created an e-book with recipes; compared their beverages with the ones they usually drink and analyze the results and drawing conclusions. 
    A9. SCHOOL GARDENS (May 19)
    Partner schools  presented all we grow in our schools through photo album with descriptions, making plans for expanding gardens and orchards
    A10. PROJECT DAY (Jun 19) 
    Each partner school presented the project results to their school community and local community (open day, posters, videos and similar)
    A11. LET'S COOK TOGETHER (Sep 19)
    Each country prepared 3-5 recipes and made a video or photo album with instructions on how to make them with the aim of creating a cook book of healthy meals based on fruits and vegetables from each partner country. 
    A12. NEWS ABOUT NATURE (Oct 19) 
    Partner schools created a video in the form of TV news to warn about biggest threats to nature in our countries
    A13. NATURE CLEANS (Nov 19)
    Students participated in workshops on making soaps, bath salts and similar products based on natural materials
    A14. MUNCH HEALTHY (Dec 19)
    Students launched a campaign to promote healthy snacks in our schools through presentations, posters, songs, etc. and invited other students to avoid sweets for a week and eat healthy supplements instead (dried fruits, fruits, nuts...)
    A15. NATURE NURISHES (Jan 20)
    Students participated in workshops on making lip balms, nourishing  bars and creams based on natural materials
    Students invented, created and presented toys and games using natural materials
    A17. NATURE HEALS (Mar 20)
    Workshops and presentations on traditional medicinal herbs.

    A18. BRANDING NATURE (Oct 20)
    Lectures about branding, making names, slogans and packaging for the natural products made in the previous workshops. Students prepared a series of advertisements about products and entered a competition on the best commercial during the project week. 
    A19. WHICH IS BETTER? (Nov 20)
    Debate about advantages of natural products compared to standard one
    For a whole week, students from each partner school took part in a virtual mobility with a series of online activities aimed at exchanging, compiling and evaluating the activities, products and results of the project. Students shared their experience during the pandemic and the lockdown, created a map of the project, voted for the best commercial from Branding Nature, compiled the work of different former activities into a Gifts of Nature CookBook and finally shared their impressions, feeling, learning and experience along the project with the activity "What I've Learnt so Far"

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