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The second exchange of students was held in Slovakia in May 2019. The participants who took part in this second mobility were the students and teachers who had been involved in the activities "Drinking Nature", "School Gardens" and "Traditional Wisdom". During the exchange, students had to organize a "Traditional Day" where they exchanged everything they had learnt about their traditional cultures in the previous activities. They prepared traditional songs and dances related to nature and tradition and sang and danced together, thus sharing and exchanging information about their own cultures to the rest of partner countries.  They also presented and explained how to make and prepare the tea blends and juices they had learnt about in their schools during the "Drinking nature" activity. Posters and presentations were prepared and finally, as in the previous mobility in Romania, students analyzed the work done by all partners, gather suggestions and proposals for improvement and exchanged what they had learnt from the experience.  Students also attended workshops, met with the mayor and local journalists and presented the project to the public

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